How to Make Meditation Videos for Youtube?

Posting Meditation and Relaxation Videos on YouTube Channel is One of the Easiest method of Making Passive Income Online on YouTube! This is a very Trending Niche and A Lot of people do this because it Has Views in Millions  and Have potential to Make Six Figures on YouTube. In this Article, I have shared a Step by Step Procedure for Making Meditation  Videos for YouTube and How you can Monetize them to make money from YouTube. I have Shared one of the Easiest and Fast Method of Making Meditation Videos for your Channel. Here are the Steps Involved in making Meditation videos for YouTube!

  1. Finding Best Meditation Music
  2. Making Meditation Videos
  3. Exporting & Posting them on YouTube

Finding Best Meditation Music

So, to make Meditation videos, the very first step is to Find Meditation Music Which is Copyright Free and Can be Used for making meditation. So, go to Envato Elements and  Click on Strat Your Free Trial Now. Now Evanto is a Subscription based website and the best Part is, it gives you 59M+ Stock Material under Single Subscription. But, we will Just use its Trail and download our meditation Musics in the Period of Seven Days. So, Click on Start Free 7-Day Train now and Fill your Details and Search About meditation music. 

Meditation Audio Tracks Envaton Elements
Meditation Audio Tracks Envato Elements

After that Apply Loop Because we have to make Longer videos. Now you have a lot of Meditation Relaxation Tracks. Simply Download as many as you can because you have Seven Days With You. Remember to download your License Certificate as Well because it’s most important for Future Copyright USE. 

Copyright Free Meditation Tracks
Copyright Free Meditation Tracks

So, download as many Tracks as you Can and Once you have Downloaded your Meditation Tracks, Now it’s time to Make Meditation Videos for Your Channel. 

Making Meditation Videos

For Making Meditation Videos, We will USE an Online Tool Called It’s one of the best Online Video Editing Tools and is my Favorite. It is very user friendly and is the best for video editing with Millions of Stock Footages and Templates. You can buy this tool from my link and you will get 25% off using this promo code. So, Click here and you will reach this website. Click on Get started now and Fill your Details. After that you will SEE such a Dashboard.

Video Editor Tool
Best Online Video Editor Video Creator InVideo

Now Let’s Make our First Meditation Relaxation video.

Select Dimensions for your meditation video and then Click on Blank Canvas. Click on Make A Video. It will load our Canvas. Now, Click on Text and Delete this. After that Replace the Logo with your own logo or delete this if you don’t want to add. Click on Edit music and delete the template music file. Now, Click on Videos and Search Meditation. Select any video and Drag it to the Canvas. Click on “USE Full Video” Now, we have added one video to our Canvas.

In the Same way, We can add as many videos as we want. But I have shown you just one. Now, we will add our music. To add music, Click on Music and upload any of your Meditation Music which you have downloaded from Envato Elements . Choose any music you want to use for your video and then click on add. It will add this music to your video. Play with your Scene to make it Looking Cool by Adding Transitions. Now, We will convert this Short Video to 40 Minutes Longer Video. So, To Convert this to a 40 Minutes Long, Select the video Scene and click on Pencil Icon. Add 40 Minutes and 0 Seconds and Click okay. It will loop your video to 40 minutes. You can make your video more engaging by adding more scenes and more video clips. Play with this tool to make your video looking Cool.

Exporting & Posting them on YouTube

After that Click on Export now. It will allow you to export full HD video if you have purchased this tool but you can export it in 720p resolution with watermark as well. After Exporting you can Simply Upload this video to Your Channel Directly from InVideo. To Do this, Click on Projects and Select your Video. Click on Share Button and Send it to YouTube by Simply Singing in with your YouTube Channel. 

Now this is How you can Make your meditation videos Fast by Yourself. You can Also Hire someone on Fiverr as well to make Meditation videos for you and to do this, Simply go to fiverr and Search about Meditation Video. Now all of these guys can make the best Meditation Videos for you in Just a Couple of Bucks . Now Lets answer some of the Most Common Questions Related to Meditation Videos. 

Question #1 : Can we Monetize Mediation Videos or Can make Money from Meditation Relaxation YouTube Channels? 

The Answer is, Yes, You can monetize Your Meditation YouTube Channels and for that your Channel must have 1000 Subscribers and 4000 hours of Public Watching time and Your Videos Should be Unique and Genuine! Don’t Copy past from other channels. This way, you will Face issues in Monetization.

Question #2 : How long does it takes to get a meditation Channel monetized? 

It can take up to 3-5 months to Start getting Traffic on Your Channel if you post one video daily. Make Sure you post Your video consistently. This will grow your channel much Faster.

Question #3 : How to Monetize a Meditation Channel on YouTube?

Answer, to monetize your meditation Channel, Post At Least 60-100 unique videos and this way you will start getting Traffic and your channel will soon become Eligible for monetization.

Question #4 : How to hire Someone to make meditation videos for YouTube?

Answer. Simply Go to fiverr and Search About  Meditation videos. After that choose anyone you want and you’re done. 


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