Fiverr Gig Ranking Tips 2021

In this tutorial, I will share with you some of the most important Fiverr Gig Ranking Tips That Helped me to rank my Gig on the First Page of Fiverr at the first Position! Fiverr gig ranking is becoming more and more difficult day by day! The reason behind this is Fiverr’s algorithm keeps checking its buyers’ feedback and continues to rank and de-rank gigs on its platform! Today, I have shared the top 7 most important Fiverr tips that can help you to rank your gigs on fiverr very fast! So following are the best gig ranking tips that I followed and that helped me to rank my gig on #1 on Fiverr!

  • Do Best Keyword’s Research

To create a gig on fiverr, first of all you need to do the best keywords research! Keywords research simply means finding the best keyword that has low competition but a lot of orders! Mostly people do keyword research and find the least competitive keywords but they don’t focus on orders and this way they don’t get orders and blame fiverr! Friends, A Good keyword is that which has a low competition but has a lot of orders in the queue! To Find a low competition keyword, first of all open fiverr in incognito mode and then search your niche keyword! Fiverr will suggest some of the most important keywords that people are actually looking for in Fiverr!

Lets have an example:

Let’s say I want to create a gig on thumbnail designing, I will type Thumbnails and Fiverr will suggest to me some of the keywords phrases that people are searching in Fiverr Search Bar! What I will do to find a best keywords is to

  • click on any phrase and see how many Gigs are optimized on these keywords and how much competition is in it!
  • If that keyword will be great for me then I will choose that but If that will not be wonderful then I will type “a” next to that keywords and see what fiverr suggest me and then will check all the suggest keywords that I got by typing “a” next to the previous keyword and find least competition keywords! Similarly, I will keep checking by typing “b” and then “c” and so on until I get the best keywords with low competition and high orders! Orders must be in queue on the top gigs for this!
How to do Fiverr Keywords Research?

How to do Fiverr Keywords Research?

  • Write a Great Eye Catching Title!

Title plays an important role in ranking gig on fiverr! Write a title in such a way that it should be a combination of at least two keywords. Keep it simple but attractive. For Example: In the case of Thumbnails designer, I Will write Title as “I will be Your YouTube Thumbnail Designer!” This title is combination of 3 keywords:

  1. YouTube Thumbnail Designer
  2. YouTube Thumbnail
  3. Thumbnail Designer

Write in the same way as I said! This will help you much in ranking you gig!

  • Write Best Description!

After writing a Title, now time is to write a description for the gig! One of the best ways to write the best description is to check other people’s descriptions! What you have to do is to open some of the most rated gigs with orders in que and read their descriptions carefully! Note down their most important keywords and get an idea of description by them! Never copy & Paste their description because this will lead to a violation of Fiverr Terms of Service! Just get the idea! Read at least 5-10 gig’s descriptions to get the full idea and then write your description!

  • Set Best Price

Keep your prices according to other people as other people have set! Sometimes when gigs don’t get ranked then it’s heard from big freelancers that increase you gig price higher than everyone! This will help you to get orders when someone will filter the gigs with gig price and your gig will be at top!

  • Create Unique & Attractive Gig Banner

One of the Most important factor that convinces buyer to click on your gigs is your high resolution and unique gig Banner! Try to create a banner unique to other people because when someone will search for a keyword he/she will see a lot of gigs and if your gigs banner will be Stand outing from other people’s gigs then chances will be high to get clicks on your gigs! Use Canva for creating outstanding gig banners!

How to Create Attractive Gig Banners?

  • Use Video in Gig Media!

Using videos in gigs plays an important part in gigs ranking! It’s said that People who use Videos in their gigs get 20% More orders than other people! If you will use video in your gig then it will get more traffic than others and your gig will also get traffic from google as well because video will appear in Google Search Results as well! You can see in the screenshot that the video is displaying on Google search Results!

  • Stay Online!

The last tip that helped me to get ranked on Fiverr is Staying online! In the beginning when I was a new Seller I used to keep my Fiverr Online and this lead to get me more orders as well! When any buyer messages you and you reply to him very fast this increases the response rate and will have a great impression on the Buyer! I hope this information will lead you to get more and more orders and Fiverr and Become a successful Fiverr Freelancer! If you have any questions, Please comment down below, I will try my best to answer your questions. Best Of Luck!