Fiverr has introduced a new feature by which we can withdraw our funds instantly! This feature is absolutely amazing! The time for waiting long days has been now shrunk into just the order Completion! So, if you are looking to know how to use this best feature then you are at the right place!

How to use Fiverr Early Payout Feature?

  1. To use this feature, First of all, Open your Fiverr Dashboard!

    How to withdraw funds Instantly from Fiverr?

  2. Click on the Early Payout Option!
  3. As you click on the Early Payout Option, A box will appear from you with the dialogue that how much it will Charge you if you want to get paid instantly! Click on Get Paid now and Funds Will be Transferred to your Fiverr Balance!Fiverr Early Payout Feature

What are the Charges for the Early Payout Feature of Fiverr?

Fiverr will Charge 1%, in addition, to pay you instantly! Usually, Fiverr Charges 20% in commissions from the Total order Revenue But if you want to get paid by Fiverr Instantly then your Charges will be 1% Additional!

For example, If you have completed an order of $100 on Fiverr, You will see that $80 will be in Pending Clearance as your order gets Completed after Delivery and if you will use this feature then you will get $ $79.20 instantly after Deduction of 1% from the Clearance balance!

Which Orders are Eligible for Early Payout Feature?

All types of Orders are eligible for this feature except those which are auto-completed!

You can say that

This Feature is available on Only Those Order which the buyer Mark as Complete! This feature is not available on Autocompleted Orders!

I hope this information will be helpful for you! Still have Questions feel free to comment down below, I would love to answer! Thanks for reading!